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Registration number 66/2745 at the Sverdlovsk region lawyer`s register of Russian Federation.

In accordance with international and federal law of Russia, attorney at law Aleksey Blagodov represents the interests and thank provides qualified legal assistance all categories of foreign citizens, entrepreneurs, organizations, regardless of their procedural and legal status.

  • The Presidium of the bar Association mr. Blagodov was awarded a diploma for high professionalism in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, flawless advocacy.
  • The Presidium of the bar Association mr. Blagodov was awarded the badge in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Russian advocacy.

Legal assistance undertaken by the advocate:

  • advice and information on legal issues both orally and in writing;
  • drafting applications, complaints, petitions and other legal documents;
  • representation of client's interests:  
    • in courts of General jurisdiction (Global, Federal, or District, Regional, Supreme, constitutional,  European court of human rights)
    • in Arbitration courts of all instance
    • in Military courts of all instances
    • in the bodies of internal Affairs, FSB,the Investigative Committee, Prosecutor's office
    • bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation 
    • in places of detention, custody, imprisonment  
    • in the local self-government bodies and public authorities
    • in commercial and other.

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                  LLC "ECO-GROUPE"
                  LLC "ECO-GROUPE"

                   A large enterprise engaged in for a long time the supply of forest resources around the world

                  LLC "City hospital №41»
                  LLC "City hospital №41»

                  One of the largest non-state medical institutions of the Russian Sverdlovsk region of Russia

                  LLC «Dorinvest»
                  LLC «Dorinvest»

                  A large enterprise engaged in construction of roads, Railways and runways of airfields

                  LLC "law Association»
                  LLC "law Association»

                  The company occupying one of leading positions on the market of rendering services in the field of real estate transactions in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia

                  5L Lenina St., Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620014
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